Thursday, May 21, 2009

How would you react?

>I discovered this youtube clip of Jason Mraz walking down a street in Paris just singing (yes, I'm on a Jason Mraz kick right now) His singing isn't 'in your face pay attention' kind of singing. It's almost 'talkin to yourself' kind of singing. What is curious is the reaction of the people he walks by. No one seems to pay attention, except for a child and someone near the end of the song. If Jason walked down the street here singing like that even if no one knew of his notoriety people would likely show some connection- a nod, a swagger. Is this lack of attention just a Parisian thing?


ms toast burner said...

I wonder if it's just a big city thing? Hmm, I'm not sure! I haven't come across too many strolling guitar playing singers in my days to really know but I can imagine that the response would be a little warmer in Canada and likely the US as well. I'm probably biased though. ;-)

It's a very nice song. I had not heard of him before. Great voice and guitar. I'll be watching more youtubes of him - thanks!

Hmmm, re-reading the above... I should really get out more on both counts! haha!

Kathreen said...

You've probably heard him on the radio but I like discovering more obscure songs of musicians.

V Yonkers said...

I think there would be the same reaction in NYC, but people would stop in our smaller town. Even the pidgins seemed to ignore him!

My kids wondered if perhaps it was because he was wearing a I Love NY t-shirt!