Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dragonboat Season Begins

This weekend marks the beginning of season for dragonboat competitions. Each boat is comprised of twenty two people who race a straight 400 meter course . The objective is to paddle in unison with short, deep, precise strokes. A typical race takes about two minutes but by the end of those two minutes you're winded and sore. I like this sport because it brings out the best in people- generosity, fun, cooperation and friendly competitiveness.


Elizabeth McClung said...

I like this event because I get to see where all the teams come from but there are usually teams that are united by things like a 'Breast Cancer Survivor Team' and I know that a group of lesbians from the southern island usually row, as I talked to them when we went to parliment's steps (I know, why talk dragon boat rowing during such times...?). Still, a great event; and did the Swiftsure race to Hawaii start as well? Great photo.

Kathreen said...

Yes Elizabeth the dynamic spectrum of people is the strength of this sport. I think the winds were not so cooperative for Swiftsure...but I'll take sun over wind any day.