Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just Another Quirky Victoria Thing

While dining at Superiors a few days ago I noticed this huge tree in the middle of the restaurant courtyard filled with hundreds of shoes. You make a donation, throw a pair of shoes into the tree and make a wish. Proceeds go to a local charity. Hmm... I'm not sure if it has the same aesthetic effect as a rippling, glimmery fountain but judging by the hundreds of shoes it is very popular. I wondered if the patrons dined and then went home without shoes? Or did they bring an extra pair with them? I should have asked the server but she seemed a little frazzled by the four customers she was serving.:) So for now the origin the shoes remains a mystery.


ms toast burner said...

There's a 'shoe tree' up by Port Hardy as well... but it's just there. It's not a charity thing - just a ritual place for hikers to leave their mark.

I've heard about this Victoria tree but have yet to see it. Judging from your photo there are some half-decent shoes flung up there!

I've not been to the Superior... was it good?

Kathreen said...

I've eaten at Superior for dinner and enjoyed the food and the ambiance. You're right the shoes were not something I would 'chuck on a tree' before wearing out the soles.