Friday, July 3, 2009

The Definitive Canadian Movie Discovered

After several precious hours researching the best Canadian movie I settled on, "Stone of Destiny" but my destiny was to change when I walked into Blockbuster and recounted my pathetic choice to the cool video dude encrusted in Blockbuster blue polyester standing slightly unconscious behind the ominous candy laden video counter. Immediately the kind but corrosive Blockbuster associate mumbled, "One Week" to which I replied, "Oh, I only need the movie, for one night." He patiently responded, "No, you want to rent the movie 'One Week' as your Canada Day selection." Then he expertly but dispassionately explained the premise of the movie which included a dying man's trek across Canada in search for true adventure. I quickly tossed "Stone of Destiny" then I almost kissed Blockbuster man. I'm sure he was relieved to just hear my repeated "thank you's" as I skipped out the door. The conclusion to the saga? A beautiful summer's eve was spent watching an inspiring feel good Canadian movie about a man's great trek across this expansive country on a Norton motorcyle. Quintessentially Canadian? Well it was brimming with quirky, quaint, and foolhardy quintessential Canadian characteristics.


ms toast burner said...

Hey! Three cheers for the 'blue polyester encrusted, corrosive Blockbuster associate dude' ;-)

I'll have to check out that flic!

V Yonkers said...

I'm so glad you found the film. It came to my mind as I think it was once on TV a while ago (our local TV station shows a lot of Canadian films) and couldn't tell you what the title was.

The other film was one about a competitive curling team. That was much more silly, yet entertaining all the same.

Lorac said...

You reminded me of how I wanted to see this movie.Thank you!