Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What it's all about

A wise colleague took me to the graduation ceremonies today to 'ground' me about the purpose of my work. Admittedly it is sometimes easy to lose focus by dwelling on the politics, power struggles, equity issues in any work environment. I am fortunate to work with someone who can strip away the veneer of extraneous distractions and remind me of just who I am are working for. Thanks M.

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Cindy Stephenson said...

Hey Kathreen,

Love your blog. And it's a small world. My husband and I were at that graduation - the morning ceremony anyway. Our son Mark graduated with a BA in Economics.

It's interesting watching as the kids he went to elementary school with mature and reach adulthood. Some have gone on to law school, accounting, environmental studies. Who would have thought??

Guess it also means I'm getting a bit older :<(

Your tennis partner,