Thursday, June 25, 2009

If I Could Fly

This is where I want to be this a plane flying over the Cliffs of Dover on my way to embark on a European cycling trip. It's not likely that this will happen today but in the spirit of declarations made by such inspiring bloggers such as Ms. toastburner, I announce this dream today with the intention of doing this before next June 25, 2010. I took this shot on my last escapade to Spain. I was on one of those ridiculous budget airplanes in which I purchased a ticket for 5 pounds and lined up for an eternity in order to be corralled into the flying soup can. For 5 pounds I wasn't complaining. It was a spectacular Spring day and the Cliffs of Dover seem to paint the English Channel with a swirling jet contrail.


ms toast burner said...

Wow! Who knew my pudgy muffin top would be a source of inspiration!

Your goal sounds absolutely fantastic, Kathreen! Imagine the photographic opportunities? The architecture, the galleries, the ancient sites, the varied people, landscapes, food and music... ahhhhh...

And what a perfect photo to match. I think that there's something about being up in a plane that puts things into a more interesting perspective... even if you're squished like a sardine!

Wow... now you've got me thinking about doing something like that!

V Yonkers said...

Gee, for 5 pounds I would have thought you would be down a bit lower (i.e. on a paraglider behind a speed boat!).