Friday, December 4, 2009

Artists Who Should Not Release Christmas Albums

Here is my list of suspects who should steer clear of Christmas tunes:

Leonard Cohen
With the exception of "Blue Christmas" I suspect sales would plummet to depths unknown if Leonard was suddenly overhead trying to convince shoppers to have a "Holly Jolly Christmas".

Alanis Morissette
I cannot imagine Alanis singing "Silver Bells" although I would like to hear her rendition of "Jagged Little Star".

John Coltrane
Who knows maybe "A Love Supreme" is a Christmas album and no one has figured this out.

Now Sonny and Cher could have safely released a Christmas Album but definitely not Cher as a solo artist. I also do not want to imagine the frightening alterations Cher would make to an elf costume.

There's a start. Am I missing anyone?


ms toast burner said...

Haha! Is that album for real!?

Holly Jolly Leonard Cohen! Could you imagine?! heehee...

What about a nice little happy Christmassy tune from Marilyn Manson?

Kathreen said...
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Kathreen said...

Yes, I think that is a real Christmas Album!
I think Marilyn Manson may be more successful with performing A Child's Christmas in Wales.

Dean Lewis said...

Now come on, Leonard Cohen did a very spiritual "Hallelujah". Nothing to go dashing through the snow with maybe. Got to meet him last spring, one afternoon as he came walking by on the causeway.

Somehow I can't see any rappers making anything too Christmassy.
My favourites, since I was a kid have always been the crooners, like Nat King Cole, Perry Como and Burl Ives. Maybe someone could do a dance remix of those guys. Add some techno ....

Kathreen said...

Okay, Leonard Cohen could produce a Christmas Album particularly if the songs included:
In The Bleak Midwinter
Huron Carol
Did I Make You Cry On Christmas?
Wintersong (by Sarah McLachlan)

All kidding aside, I saw an old clip of Leonard Cohen singing, "Hallejuah" and it was astonishingly vulnerable.