Friday, November 6, 2009

Feeling Small In My XXL Jacket

Great Wall at Simatai from Kathreen on Vimeo.

Three years ago today I was sitting on the crumbling ledge of The Great Wall. While sitting there gazing over the mountains I first realized just how small I am and how vast this world is. This was an ironic understanding because just the day before I purchased a men's XXL jacket for myself in a Beijing market. I created quite a spectacle because the shop clerks apparently had never seen a woman such as I trying on men's clothing and quickly retrieved their cellphones to take a picture of me in this men's XXL jacket! Augh! I still have the jacket even though the zipper broke a few days after I bought it.

The day I climbed The Great Wall was one of the best days in my life. Whenever my world begins to crowd in and stifle my perspective I remember the afternoon I sat on this ridge and gratefully take a breath.


Dean said...

Terrific shots with excellent compositions. The sihouette in the doorway! Perfect music to top it off. What a profound place to visit.

Kathreen said...

Thanks Dean,

The silhouette is one of favourites too. The profound presence is also tempered by the sounds that I heard. If I ever have a chance to go there again I'll bring a digital recorder.