Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bringing Stone To Life

I took this photo while touring the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art last Spring and recently had it printed on a 24x36 canvas as a giclée print. If I had to choose one of the highlights of this extraordinary museum it would be this room in which the entire exhibit has been reconstructed as an Italian Villa. The suspended fervency of this couple's embrace seemed so real I couldn't move from their gaze for a long time.
I picked up the giclee print on Friday and when it was unwrapped for me to examine I had a difficult time restraining my tears. The canvas took me back to that room, that moment, and the sense of overwhelming reverence that someone could create life from stone.


Paulo Camacho said...

This is really a very nice picture. What you show is like you said so real.
I like your photos and your blog where your show different ways of communications. Still continue. You are in the right way.
I have a different blog, a photo blog, about a city in Madeira island, Portugal
If you have some time I appreciated if you visit.
Paulo Camacho

Kathreen said...

Thanks for the feedback Paulo,

I look forward to seeing your photo blog of Madeira Island.

P said...

Absolutely Gorgeous photo, and statue of course.

ms toast burner said...

What a fantastic idea, Kathreen to get a print done like that of 'one of those moments' that just grabs you.

Where did you get it done? I've a photo that I'd love to get a print of ... a print beyond my inkjet... something different. A canvas print sounds interesting.

That's a beautiful sculpture and photo of it.

Kathreen said...

Thank you for the encouraging words. I had the photo printed at Prism on Fort Street. They were very helpful as they will make any necessary adjustments to the photo to optimize the effect on the chosen material whether it be paper or canvas.