Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Toy

Ta daa! A new hot pink racquet! I spent a much longer period of time searching for and trying out different tennis racquets than I did purchasing my last vehicle and or my home. Oddly enough I'm even more excited about this purchase than a car or a house. What is that? I guess I consider a car just another utilitarian object. I've had my share of 'clunkers' so I am grateful to own a reliable vehicle but I don't have a lot of personal investment in my car. Sometimes I feel more owned by my house and all the responsibility and provisions it requires rather than owning and thriving in this space.

The racquet represents freedom. The chance to discover something about an experience that presents a new reference point each time I hit (or mishit) the ball. It also illustrates the chance to recognize the athlete in me which has never really been a part of my projected identity. The racquet also represents a very rewarding way to get to know people. I find it very interesting how rapport is developed across the net with one's opponent. Over the course of several weeks our personal narrative is revealed in brief remarks or unexpected reactions. I won't be reenacting the Castaway plot and formally name my racquet just yet. I just look forward to the joy of understanding more about the game and about others.

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ms toast burner said...

Niiiiice... :-)

My sis and her dude play tennis for fun but also to decide things; who does the dishes that week, who mows the lawn sorts of things.

And I know what you mean about purchases and the ratio of consideration. I can spend what seems like hours analysing hair products yet bought my car on a whim while walking past a dealership.

Neato photo, btw!