Monday, August 31, 2009

Dead Camera

flickr photo

Augh! I dropped my canon powershot in the ocean on Friday. It doesn't look as bad as the above photo but I'm wondering if there is any hope in getting it to work again. My friends suggested I bury the camera in rice to dry it out which I did but after a couple of days it still doesn't turn on. Any suggestions?


Lorac said...

I dropped my camera in the lake a couple of weeks ago. My son was there and said to quickly take out the battery and shake it dry. I did and also the media card. I shook it out a couple of times that day and got a little more moisture. Left it open for two days, tried it and it works fine. I think if you don't take out the battery right away it fries the components.Sorry if this is bad news.

Kathreen said...

Yes, I think it is dead. In my shock I tried turning the camera on while it was still wet and I think I may have caused more damage.
At least it wasn't my SLR but I really like the inconspicuous little camera too.

Mary Sanseverino said...

I think dropping it in salt water might do a bit more damage than in freshwater.

The other thing -- if you take the camera in to be repaired, it may cost you almost as much for the repair as for a replacement. Victoria Camera, behind the Memorial Arena, is where I take my broken buddies.

ms toast burner said...

RIP Powershot... I hope you didn't lose any great photos.

On the plus side, any thoughts on a shiny, new, groovy replacement? :D

Kathreen said...

Yes, I think the salt water sealed its fate. I really like this little Canon so I'll get another one eventually (third one in three years).

ms toast burner said...

Ah well then, it was just meant to be! ;-)

Thanks for the toastburner template heads up! Very cool, thanks!