Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Sedated Camera

I took the day off today and woke up early to catch a glimpse of the sunrise with my new wide angle lens. I arrived at Clover Point and quickly realized as my car rocked in the wind that it was going to be a blistery cold walk along the beach. My faithful companion ran along the path barking at the wind, seagulls, and planes. I nudged along clinging to my hot coffee cup in no hurry to compose a shot. My face and gloved fingers were numb within minutes. For the next hour I ventured along the beach watching eagles, gulls, crows surf the wind but I couldn't muster the strength to take out my camera. Well it was beautiful revitalizing way to start the day despite my reluctance to hone my photography skills. The shot above was taken on a day similar to today in January 2008 at Clover Point. I've been home an hour and I'm still hovering over the heating vent!


postie said...

yes i was out for my daily walk too today and the wind out of the north was very chilly. But at least it didnt snow had enough of that this year.

Benjamin Madison said...

I like this shot. It really has a good cold early morning seascape feel to it. I am also glad to hear that someone else suffers from numbed fingers - with all the great technological advances, when is someone going to invent gloves that are whisper-thin but super warm for us photographers in northern climes?