Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why do I take so many photos on the Dallas Rd. waterfront? Well, this six kilometer path is the city's most beautiful treasure. Half of the route is an 'off leash' park so dogs of all shapes and sizes can run to their heart's content. Dog owners are also aware of this privilege and they enforce a responsible code of conduct among the dogs. More than once I have seen a dog owner chastised for not keeping control of their canine.

Some of the most memorable walks have been in the winter. On Christmas day a few years ago, we saw a pod of Orcas swimming off the point in this photo.

Unfortunately, the cliffs that border this spectacular vista are receding twelve centimeters every year. Efforts are made to reinforce the beaches and cliffs. But each year the storms arrive more fierce than ever.


Benjamin Madison said...

This is a lovely shot of what I agree is one of the city's jewels. It's almost impossible to take a bad photo off Dallas Road and every few steps the view changes so one never sees quite the same thing. I'm also obsessed with it, especially Holland Point, which I never tire of photographing.

Seeing instead of looking said...

Holland Point is so tranquil. There's an interesting link to its history too.

Anonymous said...
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